The easiest way to find and bid for property is online.

To bid online you'll need:

  • Your HomeChoice Bristol reference number
  • Your memorable date

You will have been given a reference number as soon as you registered your household online, it will also be on the communication we sent to you when your application was assessed.


Find out more about other ways to bid.


How do I log in?

You need to log in to bid for property. Go to the login page and enter your reference number and your memorable date.


How do I search for a property?

The quickest way to find property is to view the properties that you can bid for. This will stop you from having to view properties that you're not eligible for.

Each property listing contains a set of symbols which will tell you more about the property. You'll need to refer to our symbols key to find out what they mean.

Clicking on each property listing will tell you more about it, including the landlord, location, size, rent and other features.



Bidding for a property

Before you bid you should check to see how many people have already bid on the property as this will determine how successful you are.

You should always try to bid on properties that you stand the best chance of being offered. This means that you shouldn't bid for properties that have been advertised as giving priority to households with specific needs, if you or a member of your household do not have that need.

It is very important that you read the marketing text on the advert, as this will tell you if certain groups of people are being prioritised for the property.

When you've found a property you want to bid for click 'Apply now' and continue until you've confirmed your bid.


Withdrawing a bid

You can make up to three bids in each weekly bidding cycle. If you've reached your maximum number of bids and you find another property you'd like to bid for, then you will need to withdraw a bid you've already made. But you mustn't withdraw bids from properties that you stand a good chance of being offered.

You can withdraw a bid from the 'My bids' section of your account summary.