When you place a bid you are put on a shortlist for the property. Your position on the list depends on the band you are in and the date you were assessed into the band.


How will I know if my bid has been sucessful?

If you have been successful the landlord will contact you as soon as possible after the bidding cycle closes.


Landlords will usually offer the property to the household at the top of this list unless there are reasons why they are unable to do this, for example, the property has been advertised with priority to certain groups and the person at the top of the list does not fall within this group. Or they have rent arrears or they have breached their tenancy conditions and the landlord is taking action.


Will I need to provide any more information?

If you are offered a property, the landlord will ask you to provide certain documents and information so that they can verify your circumstances. The landlord will expect you to provide the information within the deadline they have given. If you cannot provide the information within that time, you must contact the landlord and explain this to them.


The documents you will be expected to provide will include the following:

  • Proof of identification for the main and joint applicant and all household members
  • Proof of address for the main and joint applicant and all household members
  • Proof of pregnancy (if applicable)
  • Most landlords will also ask for proof of income


Once you have been offered the property, you will be invited to view it.


What happens if I accept a property?

The process varies dependant on the lanlord, but generally if you accept an offer of a property, you will be given a date to sign the tenancy agreement. At this meeting the landlord will explain the tenancy agreement to you and will arrange a date for you to move in.

Your application on HCB will be cancelled.


What happens if I refuse a property?

If you refuse a property it will be offered to the next person on the priority list and you may be removed from HCB for 6 months.