Privacy Data Agreement

Privacy Data Agreements

When you apply to HomeChoice Bristol, you agree that :
The information you give on this form is true to the best of your knowledge. You understand that any false or misleading information may lead to a prosecution for criminal offences and may result in eviction from any housing offered.
You will notify us as soon as possible of any changes in your circumstances that may affect your housing application.
The information you give relating to this housing application, or given with your consent by others, will be placed on the HomeChoiceBristol register and you understand that any landlord or supported housing provider who takes part in the register, either now or in the future, may see it.
You give permission for us to contact individuals or agencies referred to on this form in order to verify any information you have given.
Information you provide will be recorded on a computer system and is covered by the provisions of the Data Protection Act. You are entitled to see the information you have provided.
We are under a duty to protect the public funds we administer, and to this end may use the information you give on this form for the prevention and detection of fraud. We may also share this information with other bodies responsible for auditing or administering public funds for these purposes.
For more information on fraud prevention and detection
You understand that we can check against any records to identify if the Council or any other landlord has previously had any cause to take action against you for antisocial behaviour or any other breaches of tenancy. This can be done in a number of ways including your potential new landlord requesting a reference from previous landlords.
You understand that in the event of an offer, the landlord will require further documentation and failure to provide this within the specified time will result in the offer being withdrawn.
You understand that if you give an email address we may use this to contact you about your application. Read our privacy notice and find out what we do with your personal data (opens new window)