Bristol City Council owns 27,428 properties across the city, and our partner Housing Associations own 9821. In 2019-20, approximately 1,800 properties became available to bid on through HomeChoice Bristol and over 14,000 households were registered to bid.

With so many more applicants than available property, many people will be unsuccessful with their bids.

Find out more about priority and bands.



Property types and areas of Bristol

The following information can be used to help you decide which areas of Bristol you stand the best chance of finding property in, and which types of property your band and bedroom allocation is most suited for.

It can give you a good idea of the following:

  • The number of properties available in each area of the city
  • The different types of property available in each area
  • What bands successful applicants belong to
  • How many applicants might be trying to bid with you
  • How many applicants will be successful with their bid

You can use this information to assess your chances of receiving an offer of housing.