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Welcome to HomeChoice Bristol.  The aim of this scheme is to give you more choice in deciding where you want to live. Properties that are available for rent will be advertised each week.

You will then be able to tell us which properties you are interested in. This process is known as bidding. You may only bid for a property if your application has been accepted onto our housing register.

Properties are advertised on a weekly cycle, starting on a Tuesday morning at 00:01am and ending the following Sunday night at 23:59pm, and in the Tuesday edition of the Bristol Evening Post newspaper.  You will not be able to bid for properties on a Monday.

Our website is packed with useful information to help you find a suitable home. You can use this website to:

As at 02/06/2014, there were 13,590 households on the Bristol Housing Register. However, the supply of social housing in Bristol is limited, and there are only between 2300-2600 vacancies each year.  You may therefore wish to consider other housing options.


Are you under-Occupying your home?

Have you recently received a letter informing you of a change to housing benefit called the 'Size Criteria'? For further information on size criteria

Affordable Rent Tenancies

Housing associations now advertise Affordable Rent Tenancies (ART) on HomeChoice Bristol. For more information about ART

Information for new Bristol City Council tenants

Bristol City Council will be taking photos of all new tenants when signing for a property.

Bristol City Council are working towards introducing the use of flexible tenancies for future new tenants, though at this time there is no date proposed for this change.


Pennywise, a new lottery funded project providing help and advice for social housing tenants in Bristol, is now available to help those eligible make their money work better for them when setting up home, managing the household budget and bills, or facing new challenges while moving into or out of work.  Click here for more details on how to apply.

Tenancy Fraud- Its not right or Fair! 

With just over 28,000 homes and 14,000 people on the housing register, it's vital that every home let goes to someone who is in genuine need. Unfortunately people sometimes abuse the system to gain a tenancy they are not entitled to. This includes giving false information, selling keys, illegal subletting or putting in false succession claims. This is called tenancy fraud. We don't believe this is right and are committed to stamping it out. 

We have a dedicated team employed to investigate any allegations and take action to bring back into use any homes which are being fraudulently or improperly occupied. 

The government have brought in legislation making it a criminal offence to illegally sublet homes so in future anyone found guilty could also be fined or sent to prison as well as having the property recovered.

If you suspect someone has gained a tenancy dishonestly please help us. Please click here for details of how to report tenancy fraud

Low cost home ownership schemes

If you are interested in buying a home, but cannot afford to purchase a property outright, please visit South West Homes for more information about low cost home ownership.

If you are interested in buying a home but only have a small deposit, please click here for more information about the local authority mortgage scheme in partnership with LLoyds TSB.

Allocation Policy

HomeChoice Bristol is the name of the scheme that Bristol City Council and partner Housing Associations within the city use to allocate their properties.  For a full copy of the allocation scheme, please click here.


There are four leaflets available which give information about HomeChoice Bristol, or other housing options.  To read or print off a copy of a leaflet, please click the title below:

Introduction and How to Apply
How to bid for properties
Other Housing Options and Advice
Housing Myths

Some information on this site is in PDF format (Portable Document Format).  To view these documents you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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